Conference Co-Chairs

Mai Har Sham
Associate Vice-President (Research), The University of Hong Kong

Professor Sham is the Associate Vice-President (Research) of The University of Hong Kong. She assists the university senior management team in recommending policies, processes, and strategies for enhancing the University’s research capacity and performance. Her portfolio includes research data management and education, research integrity policy review, promoting responsible conduct of research, research postgraduate education, cross faculty research collaboration in Hong Kong and mainland China. Professor Sham has delivered plenary and keynote lectures on research integrity issues in different continents. She is a member of the planning committee for the Asia-Pacific Research Integrity (APRI) Network, and the Co-Chair for the 6th World Conference on Research Integrity to be held in Hong Kong in 2019.

Professor Sham obtained her PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Cambridge. She received her postdoctoral training in Developmental Genetics in the National Institute for Medical Research in London, U.K., before joining the University of Hong Kong. She served as Assistant Dean (Research) and Head of the Department of Biochemistry in the Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, and is currently Convenor of the Research Cluster of Developmental and Stem Cell Biology in the School of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Hong Kong. Her research programmes cover areas of gene regulation in development, molecular control of neural crest and placode differentiation, genetic bases and mutant mouse models of human diseases, and neural stem cells.

Paul Taylor
Director, Research Integrity, Governance and Systems, Research and Innovation,
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

Dr. Paul Taylor is the Director of Research Integrity, Governance and Systems at RMIT. Paul has worked in research management for about 15 years, and started after completing a PhD in microbiology. Paul has been involved in planning for WCRIs since the 4th conference in Rio de Janeiro. He has developed and delivered a range of training and education programs nationally and internationally. Paul is also a member of the committee reviewing the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research, and was involved in producing the CLUE report on institutional engagement with publishers. Paul is also Chief Investigator on a project to develop Guiding Principles for Research Integrity for APEC economies. He believes that research integrity matters to everyone, and is trying to convince everyone that this is true!

Lex Bouter
Professor of Methodology and Integrity,
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Lex Bouter obtained a MSc degree in Medical Biology at Utrecht University and joined Maastricht University in 1984, where he was trained as an epidemiologist and obtained his PhD. In 1988 he published a textbook on epidemiology, the seventh revised Dutch edition of which appeared in 2016 and the first English edition in 2018. In 1992, he took up a tenured position as Professor of Epidemiology in Amsterdam. From 2006 until 2013 he was Rector Magnificus of his university.

Subsequently, Professor Bouter prepared for a return to science during a sabbatical leave. In 2014 his tenured professorship was broadened to Methodology and Integrity. He is currently involved in teaching and research regarding responsible conduct of research, questionable research practices and research misconduct. In 2017, Professor Bouter organized and co-chaired the 5th World Conference on Research Integrity in Amsterdam and became chair of the World Conferences on Research Integrity Foundation.

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